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In 1998, in Manchester, England, market researchers Paul and Nick Hague were arguing over what it must be like to make big decisions for a company that sells to other businesses.


Back then, there were no specialist business-to-business market research companies. The reason for this is not surprising. Understanding business markets requires a special approach: one that comes from understanding the complexity of the buying decision, one that comes from understanding the channel to market, and one that comes from understanding the huge differences that exist between companies in different verticals and of different sizes.

The lack of understanding in the market presented a great opportunity for Paul and Nick Hague.

The two researchers chose a name for their company that said it all – B2B International. They were business-to-business experts, and they understood international markets. They knew the complexity of b2b decision making, they had worked across the huge range of b2b markets, and they knew how they worked. Every b2b market is special and different in some small way and every b2b research project must be tailored.

Following the acquisition by Dentsu in 2018, the union has transformed the business-to-business landscape and created the world’s largest b2b specialist marketing network for the world’s most iconic business and industrial brands. Today we are proud to be part of Merkle B2B with over 1,000 B2B experts in 47 locations around the world. Our mission is to be your indispensable growth partner.


From its small beginnings B2B International has grown, and the key has been the ‘B2B DNA,’ which instructs the skills and habits of everyone in the business. B2B DNA is the very essence of the company’s approach and is built around three key principles:

  • Building b2b researchers from scratch – 90% of our researchers joined B2B International as new graduates. B2B International recruits young and talented people, instilling in them all the skills and experience they need.
  • Every project is tailored – B2B International believes that useful information cannot be bought ‘off the shelf.’’
  • An in-house service from start to finish – 99% of all of the work B2B International does is conducted in-house – from design through to data collection, processing, analysis and presentation. This guarantees that B2B DNA runs through everything.

What began as a conversation all those years ago has now evolved into the global company it is today.  Over the years, B2B International has continually transformed itself in order to provide cutting-edge market intelligence. What started off as a family business has become the world’s leading business-to-business market research agency. However, throughout all the changes there is one thing that has remained a constant – the B2B International work ethic, and the care and pride we consistently deliver to every client on every project.  

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