The 2021 B2B Marketing Monitor


With B2B buyer expectations ever increasing and digital transformation in full force, B2B Marketing and CX trends are changing constantly. B2B International therefore recently surveyed a large group of B2B decision makers to ensure we keep our finger on the pulse with the latest trends in the B2B world. Welcome to the B2B Marketing Monitor 2021…

The B2B Marketing Monitor comes in two infographic booklets:

1. Marketing & Strategy Trends: revealing what is on the minds of B2B Marketing and Strategy decision makers – currently and for the year ahead.

What you can expect to find in this booklet:

  • Challenges they are currently addressing
  • How they rate their current performance in specific areas
  • Marketing strategies they are focusing on
  • Influences on their marketing strategies
  • The agenda for events in 2021 and beyond

The 2021 B2B Marketing Monitor - Marketing & Strategy Trends

2. Customer Experience Excellence: revealing the current performance of B2B organizations and how the best-in-class brands excel on customer experience.

What you can expect to find in this booklet:

  • Defining a CX Leader, Average & Laggard
  • Performance on CX excellence metrics
  • Performance on marketing systems and processes
  • Metrics for measuring customer loyalty
  • Key actions to address this year

The 2021 B2B Marketing Monitor - Customer Experience Excellence


Key Marketing Monitor insights include:

  • 69% of B2B decision makers feel optimistic about the economic outlook of their industry, despite recent challenges
  • Delivering an excellent CX throughout the entire customer lifecycle is one of the top challenges B2B decision makers are addressing
  • CX Leaders significantly outperform their counterparts on all marketing processes and systems with an average performance score of 54% vs 13% for CX Laggards



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