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Companies increasingly lack the resources needed to implement IT security policies

A recent study by B2B International has revealed the extent to which companies believe they do not have the necessary resources to successfully implement IT security policies, and the financial implications of dealing with IT security threats.
In April 2013, B2B International carried out the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey

How to Use Market Research to Help Your Small Business

A recent article in the Guardian has highlighted the steps small businesses can take to utilise market research and improve their business. Conducting market research can provide the answers you need to better understand your customers, competition and your product offering. These answers are crucial if you want to get a head start

SMEs: Opportunities Abound

While large companies and governments are stressing about the threat of recession, small companies just get on with it
Every day the news brings us more threats of a double dip, a currency crisis, a lending squeeze and another dose of economic pessimism. And where does all this bad news come from?

Small Is Beautiful – especially in today’s marketplace

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Nick Hague explains why, in his opinion, there will always be a place for small businesses.
Every day, when working in the office, I walk through the precinct close to where our UK office is located to go to our local

Business Confidence In London Is Growing

The findings of a survey into the confidence of business owners in London have just been released.  Conducted for Business Link in London by business-to-business market research and intelligence consultancy B2B International, the research highlights how the effect of the economic environment varies significantly by type of business, location

Kebabs and the competitive environment

Alaric Fairbanks this week makes our mouths water with the mention of some of his favorite local kebab stalls.  However, on a more serious note, Alaric is analyzing how street vendors of this relatively undifferentiated offering encounter many of the same problems faced by much bigger organizations in different markets around

2007 in Market Research – A Retrospective

First of all – A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our readers!
Although New Year is typically a time to look forward to new events and experiences, we thought we’d break with that convention somewhat in our first post of 2008, by having a quick review of the year just gone on

Online Leadership Portal – Part 2 of 2

Online resources for leadership
Research into what was already available online as an aid to leaders showed millions of references to leadership but very few sites targeted specifically at leadership issues, more were linked to management. Hence, sites for SMEs gave advice on setting up businesses, strengthening entrepreneurship, and business health checks; the

Small Business Hotspots

Microsoft UK recently carried out online research to find out where in Britain most small businesses were being formed and to see if there was any correlation between geographies and the types of vertical sectors that dominated the small business landscape. It also sought to identify how successful small businesses were developing their business

The Cost Of The Face-To-Face Business Meeting

£17b A Year Wasted On Unneccessary Face-To-Face Business Meetings
Polycom, the leader in collaborative communications solutions, today announced results from a ‘Congested Lives’ research study of over 1,200 businesses employees in the UK, indicating that unnecessary face-to-face meetings cost UK businesses £17 billion annually. Additionally the findings of the survey, showed office workers

Our Industry Expertise


This project has provided Vocollect with excellent data to feed into our strategy development process. It has fulfilled all our expectations and B2B have been extremely professional, consultative and responsive during all phases of this project.


The comprehensive nature of the survey, the results and the clarity of the final presentations were excellent and we would like to thank you and your team for the high quality work produced.

HSE (Health & Safety Executive)