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Getting the Most from Your Market Research Study

Market research is a hugely powerful tool in your corporate armour; it gives you direction and enables you to take decisions with confidence. Yet, there are countless examples of companies who have spent a small fortune on market research which they ultimately didn’t use. This can be for a variety of

The 3 Levels of Customer Segmentation (And Why They Matter)

It is often said that segmentation is at the heart of marketing, and we couldn’t agree more. Identifying the different needs of your customers is vital if you want to develop effective marketing strategies and gain competitive advantage. However, the biggest challenge is determining the different groups and segments that make up your

The 4 Most Common Needs-based Segments B2B Marketers Need To Be Aware Of

Segmentation is at the heart of marketing. To satisfy the needs of all your customers, you need to understand how their specific needs differ from one another. In B2B markets, there are far fewer behavioural and needs-based segments to work with compared to consumer markets. On average, a b2b study will reveal only

Researching Researchers!

Earlier this year, B2B International carried out a survey with 103 professionals across the UK and the U.S., who are responsible for b2b marketing and research in large organisations (those with 500+ employees). The aim of the study was to obtain a deep understanding on the market’s requirements of business-to-business research providers.
The survey

The Cinderellas Of The Business World

Small companies, namely those employing fewer than 50 people, account for over 99% of all businesses in any country. They are run by people who know their trade. Most of them have been in existence for more than 10 years compared to the job hoppers in large companies who switch positions like musical

A Strategy for Success

Emma Flood’s latest Business Surgery looks at differing strategies for success and how market research can play a part
I recently read an article on mckinseyquarterly.com which discussed the different strategies of two global companies. One of the companies followed the same investment pattern of allocating capital to each business unit

Are You Really Being Successful At The Moment?

Marc Brokenbrow’s latest Business Surgery takes a look the possible reasons behind the recent demise of high street retailer Game.
I would never describe shopping as a hobby of mine or something that I particularly enjoy. I don’t like dealing with the crowds, making decisions on what to buy, or the difficulty

Where Have All The Price Buyers Gone?

It never ceases to amaze how many times I discover sellers within client companies, who misunderstand the signals they get from their customers and – as a consequence – over-estimate the number of price-buying customers they have. My most famous case occurred ten years ago. I kicked off the first day of a

The Truth About Cats and Dogs….And Their Owners!

A light-hearted discussion about cats and dogs this week led Simi Dhawan to question what drives behaviour and to what extent we should believe the statistics we are told.
Would you say that you are a dog person or a cat person? Common belief has it (or what I’m possibly more inclined to refer

The danger of over-delivering

Taking us on a tour of his opulent Beijing hotel, Matthew Harrison this week explains why segmentation of a target market remains crucial.
I am writing this latest installment to Thursday Night Insight from my hotel in Beijing.  Beijing is a city I know well and I have

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