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Pricing Strategy

Understanding the Purchasing Decision

A man goes into a bar and orders a double whisky. He doesn’t ask the price of the whiskey before he places the order and he passes across a $20 note to make the payment. He doesn’t check the change. The next day in his workplace, the man opens a spreadsheet to compare two potential

10 Ways to Market and Sell Your Offer on Value Rather Than Price

Over the last 10 years, competition in most markets has been increasing and margins are being put under greater pressure. In response to this, many businesses have started to rely on price as a means of competing. So, has this marked the end for value selling?
The answer, quite simply, is no. While

Are You Using The Optimum Pricing Strategy?

Choosing an effective pricing strategy is vital for the success of any product or business. To make things harder, there are many different strategies to choose from. Therefore, evaluating the options available and choosing the most appropriate strategy for your business can significantly increase the chances of success for your product or service.

The End of Cheap China?

In this week’s Business Surgery, Stephanie Teow assesses whether the appeal of China is on the wane or as strong as ever
I read with interest recently an article in The Economist which questioned the extent to which China can continue its position as a low-cost base of manufacturing in an era of

What Can Marketers Learn From English Seduction Techniques?

This week Director Matthew Harrison draws the key marketing lessons from his (now dormant) seduction techniques.
Each and every year, the month of March is a joyous occasion for me. The brutal New York winter dissipates and makes way for 8 months of glorious sun. The English football season reaches its

Market Research: The Second Oldest Profession?

Paul Hague this week takes us on a trip down memory lane to discover the origins, history and development of the market research profession as we now know it.
A prostitute, a doctor and a market researcher were sitting around late one evening, and they got to discussing which was

Recognising the Price Typology

At a time when consumers and businesses alike are watching the purse strings, Carol-Ann Morgan reiterates the importance of understanding what buyers of your products and services really value.
The newspapers tell us today that the recession is subsiding, and that we are fighting back to economic recovery. Times have been hard for

Where is the love?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman draws the analogy between marketing and Cupid’s bow and arrow…
The TV series The Bachelorette is arguably complete and utter rubbish that is watched avidly by hormonal 16 year old girls and me.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I follow this

What Can Marketers Learn From Extravagant MPs?

In his latest Thursday Night Insight, Matthew Harrison reflects on what lessons we can take from the latest scandal that’s plastered across all the British newspapers.
Despite working in the US, I do like to keep in touch with events in England – my home country – on at

Taken For A Ride On A Rickshaw

Director Matt Harrison spent a year in China, setting up the B2B International office in Beijing in January 2007. Here, in his second Thursday Night Insight post, he reflects on the wonders of rickshaw travel and what it taught him about the value of market research.
It was

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