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Is Employee Engagement The Key To Higher Customer Satisfaction?

It has fast become a business norm to make customer satisfaction an important focus, where customer satisfaction and NPS are the most widely used metrics to manage customer loyalty. Tied to this, many business managers hold a view that customer satisfaction and financial performance are closely linked, which in turn, makes customer-centricity an even higher

Top Tip 7: Maximise engagement from your staff

It’s day seven of our ’10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success’ series and today’s tip looks at how you can maximise engagement from your staff! To read yesterday’s top tip, click here: Top Tip 6.
Top Tip 7: Maximise engagement from your staff
Customer loyalty starts from within

Shut Down, Slow Up, Say No & Become More Productive!

The biggest problem in any office environment around the world today is the state of distractions.  Phones ringing, emails pinging, people talking and just general busyness racing from meeting to meeting!  We have never been busier as workers.  Americans now work for 8.5 hours more each week than their counterparts

Building Staff Loyalty In The Workplace

The more forward thinking businesses out there realise that in times such as these that you have to be strong for your staff and carry them with you and they, in turn, will support you.
In order to build loyalty and engage your workforce, follow these 5 steps that are most closely correlated

The Art of Employee Engagement in China

This week, Mark Hedley takes a timely look at the issue of employee satisfaction
With rising unemployment figures, reduced income levels of the majority of workers and the contentious issue of bankers’ bonuses continuing to provoke strong public feeling in the UK, it seems the issue of how to keep employees satisfied and

Happy New Year To B2B Bloggers

With 2010 now behind us an interesting survey recently carried out by Maris Interiors found that over the 2010 Christmas period, over half the offices in Britain (55 percent) spent absolutely nothing on Christmas decorations.
The overall average spend per employee was 23p!!. Only two per cent of the 140 offices surveyed

Do you know – or really care – what motivates your staff?

Like many people, B2B director Carol-Ann Morgan believes that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. So, in this, her second Thursday Night Insight blog post, she assesses whether we should be doing more to understand what really motivates our colleagues.
New figures released in April by the Office of

Looking Back Over 2006 – A Year In Market Research

So, for our last post of 2006 we thought it would be fitting to compile all our favourite posts from throughout the year. After starting from scratch at the start of the year, the blog has seen massive success, and we are sure you will agree, has now become a vast resource of

Eight skills that make you a good leader

The subject of leadership has attracted a huge amount of attention and the debate runs on and on as to what is involved in this mercurial process.
One of the clearest guides to leadership has recently been published by Ram Charan, whose book "Know-How" clearly explains the eight skills that separate leaders who perform

What are the benefits of employee research?

Yesterday saw the publishing of The Sunday Times ’100 Best Companies To Work For’. As a preface to the top 100 (which was topped by W L Gore & Associates (manufacturer of Gore-Tex) for the third successive year), there was an interesting article about employee research.

The ’100 Best

Our Industry Expertise


More than any other asset you and your team offered, your attentiveness and responsiveness provided a feeling that our business success was as important to you, as it is to us.


B2B had to be very flexible and adapt fast while working with us. The execution in different markets is not easy to do as well as gathering all the necessary information. With their report we went further than the normal/expected reporting of qualitative research. My internal customers are also very happy with the work carried out by B2B International.