Employee Engagement Research

It’s very simple. Happy, satisfied employees deliver good work, resulting in happy customers and profits. Often referred to as the ‘Service Profit Chain,’ listening to your employees is vital – as vital as listening to your customers and potential customers.

In fact, there’s a quantifiable relationship between happy employees and business performance. Brands with top quartile employee engagement average 12% better customer advocacy, 18% higher productivity and 12% more profit.

Drawing on unique b2b experience and our proprietary benchmarks, we’ll identify exactly which issues you need to address and how to sustainably improve your “people performance”.


It pays to listen to your employees

Your employees have a huge investment in your business, working many hours a week on its behalf. Each employee is a link in the chain that delivers profit and, if that link is broken, it could have disastrous consequences.

To read one of our white papers on employee satisfaction research, follow the link below:

employee satisfaction research


Our solution

employee engagement research

While employees are often happy to be listened to we never over-research – employees should never be overtaxed with survey after survey. However, it pays to remember that a company that does not listen to its employees – formally or informally – is unlikely to build a dedicated workforce.


How we listen

Listening can be achieved in many ways: individually, in groups, face-to-face, on the telephone or online. The tool we use is chosen to fit the objective of the task. For instance, if you believe there is a problem in your workforce but unsure what it is then diagnostic research – in the form of one-to-one interviews or focus groups – may be appropriate.

It is sometimes good practice to measure the views of employees on a number of different subjects and benchmark these against other employers. This can be done by a quantitative study and, in many cases, online. It is vital an independent market research company is employed for this so employees feel they can speak openly, confidentially, and without prejudice.

employee perceptions research


Employee engagement

employee engagement research

Find your employee engagement “DNA”

Discovering the levers that motivate your workforce is a tricky task – particularly in complex business-to-business industries. Your company’s culture and vision are unique, and your employee engagement metrics need to reflect this. We’ll work collaboratively to build a measurement framework that can be compared to your peers, but which also links clearly with your business goals.


Employee satisfaction

How happy are your people?

Most managers think they run caring companies, but many businesses have an employee NPS of just +10. We can help you to find out where you stand by objectively benchmarking your employee NPS against our proprietary B2B databank. More than that, we’ll also combine survey metrics with other sources of insight so you can pinpoint the staff engagement factors that will best improve customer experience.

employee satisfaction research


Action plans

employee research

Turning attitudes around

Empowerment and positive ‘change’ are built in to our programs from the start. We run scoping and stakeholder engagement workshops to encourage shared ownership and employee buy-in. Our consultants will work closely with you to develop and implement tailored, manager-specific action plans, each with clearly communicated targets and areas for improvement.


Brand perceptions

Harnessing employees for brand advocacy and insight

Your employees are an integral part of your brand. Even so, many companies neglect the importance of the “voice of the employee”. We also know that your workforce represents a rich seam of untapped intelligence about your brand and its market position. We’ll work with you to discover these valuable insights and explore the alignment of staff with your brand’s core values.

voice of the employee research


Becoming the employer of choice

Employer research

Competitive advantage in the employee marketplace

Talent recognition, acquisition and retention are critical to business performance. Though in-depth analysis of employee expectations, we’ll help you to improve recruitment processes, reward packages and hierarchical structures. Our aim is to enable your business become the employer of choice.


Case study: Measuring employee engagement

Business challenge

Our client is a large university. As with any business, the quality of a university is very much dependent on the engagement of the academic and support staff, which was something this institution wished to look at in more detail.

What we did

We started by holding focus groups with students, who commented freely on the strengths and weaknesses of the staff. This was followed by staff focus groups. Finally, an employee satisfaction survey was carried out with all employees of the University. It was important everyone had an opportunity to express their views – and they did, in their hundreds!

The results of the Employee Engagement Research included deep insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the University. Workshops fed the findings back to staff, providing a platform for ensuring that everyone was pulling in the same direction.

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