B2B branding research that empowers you

Branding research for b2b leaders

Your brand matters. And our specialist research empowers you to make it the best in your industry – creating value, generating loyalty, driving new business.

We offer a comprehensive range of b2b brand research services, built on our unique experience supporting many of the world’s strongest brands, and on our understanding of b2b markets that is second-to-none.

“Great expertise, professionalism. They work in numerous industries – both b2b and in consumer markets. They have just been a terrific partner for us.”

“The research clearly exceeded our expectations in 3 ways: actionable insights, relevancy, and flexibility.”

“This was a huge undertaking, both in the scale of the research, and with the coordination of three different/unique businesses. The results of this research are exactly what our Senior Vice President requested.”


Brand metrics

Where does your brand stand?

Our structured approach enables you to assess your brand’s value through key metrics including awareness, consideration, usage and advocacy, and with reference to competitors. It arms you with the information you need to focus marketing resources in the right areas – addressing weakness and building on strengths.


Propositions and positioning

Find a compelling brand story

Our expertise across a diverse range of industries gives us unique experience across hundreds of b2b brands, including numerous brand success stories. We can help you identify and push compelling customer value propositions that resonate with your target audience and that give your brand a competitive edge.


Loyalty & value

How and where can you grow?

NPS (Net Promoter Score) research enables you to evaluate the advocacy to your brand, indicating likely growth potential and where improvements are required. Our proprietary NVS (Net Value Score) metric can help you understand your brand’s position on value, how to deliver more value, and how to extract more value from the market.


In-house expertise

Experience. Our difference

Our in-house teams across the world include b2b brand strategists, a multi–lingual fieldwork unit, qual- and quant- research specialists, data technicians and graphic designers. This full service support ensures high quality throughout your programme and a partnership you can rely on, from brand messaging research to advertising effectiveness and brand equity tracking. Because of this knowledge and experience we bring to every project, the vast majority of our clients come back for more. It’s not surprising that the brands we’ve helped outperform their local stock market performance by an average of +17%.


Action planning

Engaging audiences. Driving change

Brand research is only beneficial if it drives action. We’ll provide the best tools and frameworks to help you embrace the research findings and build your brand. And we’re confident that our seasoned researchers will deliver the findings in such a way that your team will be empowered in its pursuit of brand excellence.

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