The online focus group is one of the newest innovations in qualitative research and represents a technological breakthrough when it comes to difficult-to-interview groups. The adoption and popularity of e-focus groups is continuing to grow in business-to-business markets due to the many benefits they offer.

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B2b online focus groups

By conducting focus groups online, the discussion is captured electronically. There is no need for clients to wait for the sessions to be manually recorded and transcribed. In most cases, online focus groups are more cost effective than traditional methods because they eliminate the viewing facility rental, travel and transcriber expenses.

To read one of our white papers on online focus groups, follow the link below:

Online Focus Groups As A Business-to-Business Research Technique

In addition to the speed and cost effectiveness of online focus groups, other benefits include:

  • Respondents and clients can participate from their own office without needing to travel to a specific venue
  • Clients are able to observe the online groups and communicate with the moderator during the groups so as to influence the direction of the discussion without interrupting the session
  • Geographically-dispersed or difficult-to-get-hold-of respondents, whose time is limited, can be brought together within one group
  • Respondents are not intimidated by the presence of a video recorder or a one-way mirror and therefore tend to be more objective and straight to the point when they are not communicating face-to-face.