Questionnaire Design [eBook]

Questionnaire design is a subject fundamental to the market research function. Yet, until now, the available literature on the subject has been too specialist or complex for a wider readership. Questionnaire Design breaks the mould by providing a basic, yet highly practical, guide to this important area.

Questionnaire Design Book

Drawing on years of experience in the industry, the author demonstrates, in an accessible and hands-on-style, that questionnaire design is a skill guided by rules and principles as well as an art influenced by flair.

For both the beginner in the field as well as for the more established market researcher, Questionnaire Design (how in free eBook form) provides a comprehensive guide to the subject.

In an industry where researchers are often thrown in at the deep end and forced to learn their craft by looking over other people’s shoulders (with the danger of inheriting their flaws), this book provides a fresh and informative guide to good practice, enabling readers to avoid costly errors and develop the necessary skills, through experience, from a sound base of knowledge.

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#Chapter NameeBookAudiobook
1The Role Of Questionnairespdfmp3
2Deciding What Type of Questionnaire to Usepdfmp3
3Three Different Types of Questionspdfmp3
4Fundamental Principles of Questionnaire Designpdfmp3
5Different Types of Questionspdfmp3
6Framing the Questionspdfmp3
7Interviewer Instructionspdfmp3
8The Layout Of The Questionnairepdfmp3
9Getting The Questionnaire Rightpdfmp3
10Special Questionnairespdfmp3
11Examples Of Questionnairespdfmp3
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