Digital Transformation in the B2B World


Digital Transformation in the B2B World

Digital transformation represents a fundamental change in how organizations deliver value to their customers. The recent global pandemic has been a catalyst for many organizations and industries to accelerate their digital transformation plans. Further to this, with 73% of Millennials in the workplace involved in making buying decisions for their company, it is considered even more vital businesses take a more digital first approach due to Millennials’ expectations. But what does this digital landscape look like in the B2B sector specifically in 2021?

We surveyed over 1,000 Business Strategy decision makers across North America, Europe and APAC, across many different industries including IT & Technology, Construction and Food & Drink, and across a wide range of business sizes from SME’s to Enterprises. This enabled us to determine how much B2B businesses have embraced digital transformation since the pandemic began.

We then collated the findings and put together an infographic booklet for you to take away with all of the results in one place, in an easy to digest format. Key takeaways from the booklet include (but are not limited to):

  • What does digital transformation mean to B2B businesses?
  • How many B2B organizations have a digital roadmap in place?
  • How many have sufficient budgets to meet their digital ambitions?
  • How is digital investment prioritized?
  • Where is technology being underutilized?
  • How efficiently are companies using their business data?

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