Business plans and marketing plans are vital tools. They need solid data, good direction, pragmatism and they take time to prepare. We know how to write business plans and marketing plans because we work on them all the time. This can be a lifesaver if you need a quick turnaround, a helping hand, or an independent view.

What we will set out to do

Our aim will be to quickly and succinctly write a business or marketing plan that is the map and compass that shows where you are going in the future.

How we will do it

We will meet with you and discuss your objectives. We will challenge you to ensure that your objectives are realizable but stretching. We will ensure that we understand your competition and your market environment. And then we will write the business plan that is your blueprint for growth.

What you will get out of it

Your business/marketing plan will be written by us – an independent hand – one that will rationalizes how and why you can move forward. The plan will provide a map that you can follow. The map can be of any scale – from a broad direction through to one giving detail on every move.

Clients for whom we have carried out successful business and marketing plans include Brother Printers, Packaging Automation, Grant Thornton, Infineon, PwC.