Marketing excellence in business to business markets requires marketers to understand the value chain. It requires marketers to understand the different roles played by product, price, place and promotion in that value chain. It necessitates an understanding of the complications of the buying decision which is usually in the hands of not one individual but a number of people.

What we will set out to do

Our aim will be to provide your staff with a deep and practical knowledge of business to business marketing.

How we will do it

We will employ a number of different approaches. It may be appropriate to start with a survey to determine knowledge gaps. We will assess your team through a survey or internal focus groups.

Once we know which gaps to fill, we will design your training course. We know the importance of “evidence” – your marketers will be hungry for lots of examples of how other business to business companies have achieved marketing excellence. With more than 2000 projects under our belt, we are well-qualified to deliver.

What you will get out of it

Training is about the transfer of knowledge and empowering the trainees. We will provide the guiding light and inspire your marketers. We will show them where to look for opportunities, how to execute marketing programs and we will motivate them to make it happen.

Clients for whom we have carried out successful business to business marketing excellence courses include Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, and Air Products.