It’s often been said that research is only as good as how it is used. This adage is as true now as it ever has been, but is particularly relevant in the world of business-to-business insight.

Going beyond the traditional remit

B2b research is, by its very nature, niche, technical and challenging. Details matter.

Today, b2b-focussed companies are looking for a research partner that understands, embraces and seeks to create order out of this complexity.

Achieving this means going far beyond the remit of the traditional agency. Assignments are no longer neat, discrete units which start at commissioning and end at the final presentation meeting. Getting answers to the bigger questions faced by your business involves contributing our wider skills to the research mix. It also requires an understanding of the business context into which research findings are delivered.

How B2B International does this

Here are some of the concrete ways that we believe B2B International goes further than delivering “just research”:

  • Immersing ourselves in your business and the challenges faced: This means engaging as many internal stakeholders throughout a project to truly understand your business, your markets, your customers, your processes and your objectives. We also don’t mind asking the difficult questions if we need to.
  • Crafting our insights around your business planning: From the outset we like to get a clear picture of how research insights will be used to enlighten your business processes and go-to-market strategy.
  • Engaging with key personnel throughout your organisation: We are able to communicate “on a level” with people throughout your company. We are equally adept at gathering views from the shop floor, as we are at presenting insights at board level.
  • Facilitating planning and target-setting: We help our clients to map out practical, realistic goals and plans of action that result from b2b research activities. Whether it’s identifying relevant distribution channels in a new market, crafting a novel value proposition or embedding a segmented approach to marketing within your organization, our wide experience within b2b organisations helps us to offer useful advice that is grounded in pragmatism.
  • Drawing on and applying wide cross-industry best-practice: This has been gathered from the 2,000+ business-to-business research studies we’ve conducted across countless verticals and geographical markets.
  • Drawing on all the talents of our diverse b2b researchers: Our multi-disciplined team is encouraged to specialise so that our clients can get the benefit of the latest thinking in marketing practice and business planning in a way that is highly applicable to your business.