The world of b2b research is constantly evolving. Today is a very different place to 1998 when B2B International – then the first and only b2b-focused market research agency in the world – was born.

So what are the key trends that are important to b2b market researchers today? How have we at B2B International adapted and risen to meet the challenges of these new demands? And what does this all mean for you when looking for a proven b2b market research specialist to take care of your research requirements?

Big data needs big judgement

Nowadays, most organisations are swimming in data. Transactional information, CRM data, operational metrics, employee performance and financial flows are just some of the internal sources of potential business intelligence available to the modern organisation.

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Customer experience as a culture, not a project

Putting the customer at the centre of your business decisions and trying to satisfy their needs along the way is nothing new; it is what every business should do – yet this is one area of market research that has evolved more than perhaps any.

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More countries. More audiences. More specifics.

There is a growing trend towards wider and deeper information requirements: b2b research must look at more countries, speak with more audiences, and go deeper in the supply chain.

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Quicker! Simpler! Clearer!

With so much information at our disposal, it’s hardly surprising that people’s attention spans have plummeted. Everything has to be better, faster, clearer than ever before.

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Research and the bigger picture

It’s often been said that research is only as good as how it is used. This adage is as true now as it ever has been, but is particularly relevant in the world of business-to-business insight.

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Seeing and sensing (as well as asking)

As market researchers we are constantly asking questions to get to the truth so we can make decisions and develop future strategies for our clients. However, time and time again clients do ask us, “how can you be sure that what people say is the truth?”

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