New Research Sheds Light on Current CX Challenges in B2B Organizations

CX challenges in B2B organizations

Delivering excellent customer experience is the top overall challenge facing b2b marketers in 2020.

Our unique study of 300 b2b marketing and insights professionals, featured this week on MarketingProfs, has shed light on the lack of progress made in improving customer experience in recent years.

This has shot customer experience to the top of the agenda for many marketers this year.

54% cite “customer experience and loyalty” as the current marketing strategy their company is focusing on right now.

To further highlight the importance of CX in 2020, 55% say “customer experience research” is the research approach they expect to be most useful over the next two years.

So what are b2b organizations struggling with most when it comes to delivering excellent customer experience? And what are today’s CX leaders doing differently (and better) than the rest?

You can find the answers to these questions, and many more invaluable insights, in the full story published by MarketingProfs.


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