From Somewhere in Lapland


“What’s the matter dear?”. Mother Christmas placed a cup of steaming black coffee next to Santa. “If you keep frowning like that, you will soon look like a really old man”.

Santa raised his rheumy eyes from his computer screen and grimaced. “You’ve got to help me”, he groaned. “I have sorted out all the kids in the world with their presents. That was easy. It’s these requests from businesses that are driving me crazy”.

He tugged irritatingly at his thick white beard. “Look at this. Here is a company that wants to expand in China and asks if we can help. I thought I knew China because I’ve been delivering toys to the kids there for goodness knows how many years – but the way they do business is still such a mystery to me.”

His sausage fingers mashed the keys and he pulled up another email. “And then there’s this one. It is from someone in the US saying they want to know how to beat the competition. You wouldn’t believe what they are asking for. There is no way we can give them all that ‘inside’ information. No one would trust me ever again.”

“Yes dear”, sighed Mother Christmas. “I do agree. Everyone is so demanding now-a-days. The kids want iPads and drones when just a few years ago they were happy with a couple of oranges and a few walnuts”.

“Nuts! Nuts! They are driving me nuts” he fumed. “I have someone in Europe wanting a customer experience survey with completion by the 24th December – and they say they have no money. What can I do?”

Mother Christmas lovingly pushed his whiskery hair out of his eyes and straightened his hat. “Let me take care of it dear. You stick to the toys for kids and I will find somebody who can deal with all this business stuff”.

“You are amazing my love; what would I do without you? Are there any more mince pies?”

Minutes later the phone started ringing in the offices of B2B International. A tipsy voice message wished the caller a Merry Christmas and said that the offices are closed and would open again on the 3rd January. “That must have been the UK number I phoned” she muttered to herself. “Ah, I see there is a number here for the US. Let me try that one.”

Brrring brrring brrring. “Hello B2B International USA. How can I help?”.

Mother Christmas sighed with relief. “I am sure you can. I have a number of projects you may be able to help me with.”

“Sure, fire away. That’s what we are here for” said a reassuring voice. “Let me take some details……”

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