Customer Centricity in B2B: How to Decode Customer-Types and Optimize Your Customer Value Proposition

B2B Symposium Bevh - Claudia Knod, B2B International

B2B International’s very own Claudia Knod will be presenting on customer segmentation and how to develop a value proposition at the B2B-symposium of the bevh, the German association of E-Commerce which will take place on Feb 24th, 2015, in Berlin.

The Presentation

It has become increasingly difficult for companies to find defensible niches in which to position themselves. The focus of this presentation will be illustrating how B2B-companies can avoid falling into the commodity trap. Customer Value Marketing and customer retention based on the optimized satisfaction of customer needs are central to this discussion.

Takeaways From This Presentation

  • How segmentation can help you better understand customer needs.

  • How to develop tailored value propositions and route-to-market strategies for different segments.

  • How other B2B companies successfully implemented a customer segmentation.

The Conference

The bevh „Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland“ is the German association of interactive dealers (i. e. those who do online or mail-order business). More than 330 companies are members of the association. The B2B-symposium 2015 covers the online- and mail-order business with B2B-customers. It takes place in the background of a dramatically changing marketplace: AmazonSupply is lurking in the US, the leading American industrial supplier GRAINGER has launched Zorotools in 2014 in Germany and Project-A Ventures has used its superior Onlinemarketing-Knowhow to launch Contorion for business-to-business customers.

Click here for more information on the event.

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