B2B Social Media Marketing: Use It or Lose Out

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B social media marketing is a powerful but often underused and misunderstood tool. Utilised correctly, it can offer many benefits to a business including increased exposure and awareness, increased web traffic and the opportunity to connect with customers in deeper and more meaningful ways than ever before. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the three main reasons why your b2b company needs to embrace social media marketing.

Be found by your customers and potential customers

You might assume that using social media isn’t a priority for the typical b2b decision-maker your company is targeting. However, more and more of these decision-makers are turning to social media to research purchase decisions. Research shows that digital channels such as social media are becoming increasingly popular as a source of information when looking to diagnose problems and form opinions about possible solutions. A report by the Marketing Leadership Council in partnership with Google showed that the average b2b customer has completed more than one-half of the purchase decision-making process prior to engaging with a vendor. Chances are, some of this research has been done on social media.

Build brand loyalty

Embracing b2b social media marketing also offers the opportunity to communicate brand values and develop deep connections with your customers and potential customers. The ability to communicate a clear, concise narrative, aligned with the values and ideals of your brand, can help to differentiate the brand from competitors and start to build loyalty. Delivering compelling marketing content consistently across all social channels will help to reinforce and cement your brand in the minds of your audience, making it easier to build long-lasting, emotional connections. Building this emotional connection with customers is vital as research by the Marketing Leadership Council and Google shows that b2b buying decisions, contrary to popular belief, are significantly influenced by emotions.

Gain access to data

The ability to gain access to a wealth of data is another big reason why b2b social media marketing should be embraced. With the right tools, social campaigns can be launched and the results measured immediately. With all this data at your fingertips, you can instantly see who is engaging with your brand, what marketing content is and isn’t working, and where you can improve to better meet the needs of your customers. Further to this, making full use of social listening as a tool can even help to gain competitive advantage. By keeping a close eye on discussions taking place on social media, valuable insights about customers, products and services can be identified. Reacting first to these key social signals can help push your company ahead of the competition.

How is social media being used in your b2b marketing? Let us know by sharing your views in the comment section below.

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