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White Paper: A Marketing Strategy Built On Knowledge

Written by Paul Hague

A marketing strategy must be built on firm foundations of knowledge. In this white paper we present a checklist of questions (or an audit) that will help develop an effective marketing strategy.

White Paper: 2 Frameworks to Help You Understand Every B2B Decision Making Unit

Written by Matthew Harrison

Who should you target and which needs should you focus on? Here are 2 crucial frameworks to help you understand every B2B decision making unit.

Article: B2B Marketing Survey

In the summer of 2014, 226 business-to-business marketers took part in a survey commissioned by B2B International across North America and Europe. This articles provides a brief synopsis of the most important findings from the research.

Book: The Growing Business Handbook (15th Edition)

Written by Various

The Growing Business Handbook (15th edition) is a superb reference tool for all businesses with growth potential, filled with invaluable insights and guidance from middle-market and SME specialists in finance, HR, marketing, innovation, people and IT.

Article: Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) – The Significance For B2B Marketers

Written by Paul Hague

A major change has taken place in the decision making process. In this new process, at an early stage, something takes place which is what Google calls the Zero Moment Of Truth – ZMOT. What is this and why is it so significant for B2B marketers?

White Paper: Rehearsing The Future – Making Better Strategic Decisions

Written by David Seaman and Liz Barnham

Before developing a strategy, organisations need to analyse and understand their environment, both as it is now and as it will be. The major focus of strategic decision-making is how best to ensure a fit between the organisation and its environment. However that fit is not static and the task is to look at likely changes in the future.

White Paper: B2B Marketing: What Makes It Special?

Written by Paul Hague, Nick Hague and Matthew Harrison

There are many differences between B2B and B2C marketing. We feel it is worth pointing out the implications of these differences when it comes to implementing a b2b marketing strategy.

Book: The Growing Business Handbook (14th Edition) [eBook]

Written by Various

Drawing on a wide range of professional expertise and commercial experience, this new 14th edition of The Growing Business Handbook is full of practical advice and concrete suggestions about how to maximise the upsides and control the downsides, even in the tough trading conditions that many organisations – large and small – are currently experiencing.

Book: The Growing Business Handbook (13th Edition) [eBook]

Written by Various

The Growing Business Handbook is a practical source of advice and reference for companies with dynamic growth potential. Aimed at senior managers in growing companies, this new edition highlights the latest ideas, techniques and solutions for maximizing growth, exploiting and protecting your best ideas and inventions, and controlling risks.

Book: Effective Marketing Strategies for a Recession [eBook]

Written by Julia Cupman

Julia Cupman discusses the ways in which many organisations – especially larger business-to-business companies – adapt their marketing strategies in the face of recessionary pressures, and determines which marketing strategies can be considered the most effective for an economic downturn.

Thank you for all your work; we have truly enjoyed working with B2B International. How likely would I be to recommend B2B International to other colleagues out of 10; a 10!


The research was thoroughly conducted and all the project objectives were exceedingly met.