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Research Services

B2B International is a specialist business-to-business market research provider, offering custom-designed, individually tailored market research services to a broad range of industries, from financial and food to chemicals and construction. Consequently, there are few, if any, markets we do not have experience in researching.

Business solutions

Our research services are designed to provide valuable insights your business can depend on. From increasing your profitability to launching new products, our solutions provide the answers to all of your problems.

Business Solutions

Research services

Whether you’re looking at entering a new market or improving your position in an existing one, our services are here to help. From segmentation studies to customer satisfaction research, here at B2B International we've got it covered.

Research Services

Research methods

We offer the latest qualitative and quantitative research methods, together with a full range of data gathering techniques and sophisticated analytical tools to ensure our insights and intelligence are the best in the industry.

Research Methods

Our industry expertise

Thanks for all the work that’s gone into this study. The presentation is fantastic and the Reflect tool is really useful to allow us to interrogate the data with any other angles we need.

Stanley Tools

The research was thoroughly conducted and all the project objectives were exceedingly met.