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Free, new e-book: Advice on growing businesses

A brand new e-book has just appeared on our website: The Growing Business Handbook (14th Edition) offers inspiration and advice from successful entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies.
This practical source of advice and reference is chock full of interesting articles which highlight the latest ideas, techniques and solutions for maximising growth, exploiting

Creating Desirable Brands

The latest new article to be posted in the Publications section of our website is “Creating Desirable Brands”, an invaluable guide by Simon Garnett for companies looking to emulate some of the world’s most admired brands.
The six guiding principles the article focuses on are: Thinking bigger than your category; Focusing

A Problem Sourced Is A Problem Solved

In this week’s Business Surgery, Conor Wilcock takes a look at the phenomenon of crowdsourcing
In 2003, a quite delightful and intelligent chap named Henry Chesbrough – a professor of the Harvard Business School – coined the term “open innovation.” His argument was that companies should innovate by combining internal and external ideas;

China the Innovator

A myth that continues to persist about China is that the country’s economy is predominantly built on low-value export manufacturing. Seen by many as the ‘workshop of the world’, it remains a commonly held view that China offers little more than a cheap source of textiles and toys for the rest of the

Please SHUT UP and get creative!

In this week’s Business Surgery Nick Hague comments on the importance of thinking time in order to be creative in today’s hectic modern world
Is it me or do we ever get any time to ourselves these days? Whether it is the constant ringing of calls, texts and emails from our phones

Increasingly Mobile

Emma Flood’s latest Business Surgery assesses the potential of ‘m-research’
As a regular visitor to the MRS’s news website, research-live.com, I was interested to read further about some of the prominent developments in technology, and how this is evolving aspects of market research, such as methods of data collection. One area which

Save The Company Of The Future!

Innovators Stand Firm:A Modern Day David Vs Goliath
Looking around the internet yesterday, as researchers, things were a little different. Wikipedia was blacked out, Google had its logo blacked out and Twitter was alive with SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) talk. SOPA was created to promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation

Let’s all innovate!

Who within an organisation should be responsible for innovation? Given the collective day-to-day knowledge that so many employees in so many different departments have at their disposal, there is a growing focus on ‘whole company innovation’, a multi-layered approach which can help to bring new products and services to market.
In his article,

Business Models & Competitive Advantage

The commercial landscape is littered with examples of firms with innovative products or services which failed because they could not achieve profitability – typically either they could not attract sufficient customers or were based on unsound economics. A good product or service is therefore no guarantee of success in the marketplace.
In their latest

Innovation Is The Key To Business Survival

Every company needs to innovate to survive. This means constantly enhancing existing products and services, and developing new ones – all to drive revenue and profits, to illustrate a market leadership position, and to stay ahead of the competition.
A new white paper by Julia Cupman can be viewed on this subject at

Our Industry Expertise


B2B illustrated a clear understanding of the project, offered proactive advice as to how we could use the information, and importantly, came across as people we felt could work well with and trust to get the job done.

Baker Tilly

I can honestly say that I thought the quality of the research and the scope of the final presentation was excellent and much better than any other study we have commissioned.

Packaging Automation