Segmentation based on business know-how

Effective segmentation giving you a competitive edge

Effective segmentation is key to unlocking a competitive advantage in b2b markets. And with more experience in b2b segmentation research than any other consultancy, we can design and deliver a programme that is truly advantageous to your business.

We will help you identify the customer segments that really matter – enabling you to develop sales and marketing strategies that deliver commercial benefit in the long term.

“High quality, specialized and international.”

“The level of engagements you were able to achieve in terms of the number of target people who responded, the time spent in discussion, and the quality of the discussions that took place was well beyond our expectation.”


Needs-based segmentation

Understanding b2b audiences

Our b2b expertise enables us to reach the key decision-makers and influencers across your target audience. With unique approaches and specialist questioning techniques, we will explore the underlying needs that influence business choices and behaviour, and the unstated drivers on product and brand choice distinguishing different segments.



Making research work for your business

Turning research into positive action is fundamental to our approach. We can help you embed segmentation into your business practices – for example by populating your CRM, appending third party data and identifying customer segments through inbound channels.


Deeper analysis

Turning data into meaningful intelligence

We use a range of advanced statistical approaches – including the latest data fusion techniques to combine primary research with internal data, advanced clustering techniques, and allocation algorithms / typing tools – to drive a deeper understanding of your segments.



Bringing your research to life

It’s vital that your internal teams understand and embrace the segmentation. We can offer a variety of interactive and engaging approaches to embed the segmentation into your company – including stakeholder workshops, visualisation, internal communications programmes and online resources.


Practical solutions

Tailored around your business goals

As b2b specialists, we have the proven experience to ensure that your segmentation is closely aligned to your specific business needs and commercial goals. We’ll help you define specific objectives, tailor the programme around your strategy, and work with you to demonstrate how segmentation can deliver quantifiable business gains.

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