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The price you charge has a fundamental influence on sales volumes and profitability. It’s vital that you get it right.

We have carried out more pricing research in business to business environments than any other consultancy. It means we have a unique understanding of the factors that influence the perception of value in your marketplace. Together, we’ll help you develop a sustainable pricing strategy that is practical and that doesn’t leave “money on the table”.
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“The research was thoroughly conducted and all the project objectives were exceedingly met.”

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“B2B International carry out great work. They are quick to grasp the different challenges we face as a business in our global markets. They are very responsive, professional and have an international capacity.”

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“Our time frame was demanding and aggressive. Despite all these challenges, B2B International showed diligence, professionalism, resilience and adaptiveness. As a result they delivered highly valuable insights that are influencing how we will be taking this new service to the market.”


B2B pricing strategy

We understand your b2b pricing challenges

Pricing in b2b markets is never simple. The sales process can be long and complex. Elongated value and distribution chains can eat into profits. And then there’s the ever-present threat of commoditisation. Our experience of hundreds of b2b pricing studies in dozens of industries means we have the proven know-how to help.


Value hierarchy

What do your customers value the most?

What are the components of your offer? And what value do your customers place on each? Our in-house analytics and statistics team can help you to determine the precise and relative value of each of your product or service attributes. In so doing, we’ll enable you to develop a more compelling and differentiated value proposition.



Exploring ‘what if?’ scenarios

Markets are dynamic. Different factors such as emerging trends, technology and new entrants influence buyer perceptions of price and value. We use sophisticated modelling tools to help you explore your strategic options, and the impact of different variables on revenue potential and market share.


Pricing toolkit

The right approach for your business.

Your industry has unique characteristics. We have a depth and breadth of b2b pricing experience that spans myriad markets, cultures and business models. We marry this practical expertise with the very latest pricing research techniques, including MAXDIFF, SIMALTO and conjoint methodologies – whichever is best-suited to your pricing challenge.

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Senior Analytics Manager

As Analytics and Innovation Manager, I have a particular affinity for quantitative studies and statistical methods. This comes from my background in mathematics and my interest in problem solving.

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