Marketing segmentation: Improve the effectiveness of your marketing

Improve the efficacy and targeting of your communications through sophisticated segmentation that addresses the underlying needs or behaviours of b2b buyers.

Effective segmentation is key to unlocking a competitive advantage in b2b markets. Yet, only 35% of marketers rate themselves as strong performers in segmenting customers beyond demographics and firmographics.


Our approach: Directional Policy Matrix (DPM)

Marketing segmentation

  • The directional policy matrix helps to identify which segments are worth pursuing and which are not.

  • This can be done by measuring the attractiveness of each segment versus the brand’s competitive position within each segment.

  • This is then plotted on the directional policy matrix to indicate where the biggest potential lies.

  • The size of each bubble represents the relative size of each segment (e.g. by numbers of businesses, total spend, etc.)


Case study: Developing a sophisticated attitudinal and needs-based segmentation for a major printing equipment manufacturer

A multinational electronics equipment company approached us to review their existing customer segmentation in the printing category with the aim of more
successfully penetrating their target markets and growing market share in the most profitable segments across Europe.

Alongside the segmentation, our client wanted to gain insight into the following:

  • To better understand the customer journey, from identifying the need to purchase the printer and purchase motivations

  • To understand the optimum customer for their key products

  • To better understand which functions most resonated with which type of end-user


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your research investment

Personas / Segment Profiling
Bring your customers to life and gain a deeper understanding of their needs, challenges and behaviours in order to more effectively market to them.
sales battlecards
Sales Battlecards
A “cheat sheet” used by account management and sales teams for engaging with a customer or prospect.
social media monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
Actively listening to your target audience across multiple channels to identify what they want, how they behave and what they think of you.
phone cati recruit to web
Phone - CATI / Recruit-to-Web / Depth
Data captured by experienced telephone interviewers to gather rich, descriptive data about behaviours, attitudes and needs.

B2B Insights and Viewpoints: What we’ve learned from doing Marketing Segmentation

Using Personas for Better Targeting
Specific personas makes targeting easier. We can aim our messages at someone, not just anyone. Developing personas helps to turn segments into real people.
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