Photo of Ian Marshall

As Account Director, I’m responsible for managing all aspects of a project from receiving and scoping the initial brief to creating the final deliverables and presenting results and recommendations to clients. This means taking an active role in understanding and co-ordinating all aspects of the research project to ensure that we deliver on the promises we make to clients.

Ian Marshall Account Director

What is the best thing about working at B2B International?

The close working relationship that everyone has and the fact that everyone is pulling in the same direction. And the occasional bacon rolls provided for early morning meetings…

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

It’s not strictly advice but it was once pointed out to me that I don’t take criticism too well – I now try to take it in a positive light and not let it offend or frustrate me so much.

What is your favourite place you have visited – and why?

Anywhere on Europe’s Mediterranean coast but particularly the Ionian Sea and the beaches of Corfu and Zante where the contrast between the crystal blue sea and the pine tree lined shores is just stunning.

What is your favourite book?

I have to confess to not being much of a ‘reader’ as I’ve never been able to sit still for long enough – just ask my Mum. However, the last book I read was “Soccernomics” – an interesting and alternative look at the role of statistics in football (the evolution of baseballs’ Moneyball approach) as opposed to the assumed ‘wisdom’ that continues to dictate much of the game today.

What is your favourite pastime?

Snowboarding – finding out just how close you can get to the edge before coasting down a tree lined mountain side takes some beating.