B2B Insights Podcast #7: The Changing Workforce

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The Changing Workforce


You could argue that employee engagement has never been as important as it is right now with the drastic changes organizations have had to make as a result of COVID-19. With employees on furlough or having to work at home, these changes have meant there is bound to be a culture shift within the company, and one which everyone will have to adapt to.

On this week’s podcast, join me and one of our research directors, Simi Dhawan, as we delve into the changing workforce; whilst flexible working was once deemed to be a “nice to have”, it is now an expectation that must be part of their roles, and now organizations must be able to adapt to their employees’ personal lives and needs.

We look at what the driving forces are behind employee engagement which can be distilled into 4 key areas:

  • Self Development & Training
  • Autonomy, Power & Recognition
  • Communication & Connection
  • Clear Direction & Leadership

With Millennials starting to dominate the global workforce, not only do organizations have the pandemic culture shift to adapt to, they will also have to remain focused on how to keep this particular group of workers content within their roles. Millennials have historically received a bad name for themselves, sometimes even known to be “highly self-absorbed”; so what does this mean for your company, and in particular its culture?

Listen to the full episode below to find out how you can build your organization from the inside out, and create a “bomb proof” culture where your employees will go above and beyond to ensure your business remains successful.


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