Battlecards for Increasing Sales Success

A battlecard is a succinct guide or “cheat sheet” used by account management and sales teams for engaging with a customer or prospect. It plays a key role in ensuring communication of the customer value proposition is both compelling and aligned across an organization.

A good battlecard informs customer-facing teams so that they are better prepared for interactions with customers, such as important customer needs and pain points to acknowledge, FAQs, and how to ultimately win with the customer.

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Top tips when crafting battlecards:

  1. Stay Concise: Ensure each section of the battlecard addresses no more than four pertinent points. This will make it easier to memorize and drive a consistent message.

  2. Include Substantiators: List concrete proof-points which help salespeople substantiate claims. Case studies, testimonials and numerical facts can be powerful.

  3. Increase Customer Value: Identify compelling cross-sell opportunities that add value to the customer so sales and account teams know when to upsell.


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