A Researcher’s Guide to Presenting Data in Memorable Ways

How many times have you had to sit down and go through a long PowerPoint deck full of facts, figures and charts? Do you remember many of them? If not, chances are the deck was missing a key element. A coherent story.

Storytelling has become an essential skill for today’s researchers. Our brains are hardwired to remember stories, and a deck full of facts and figures is hard to engage with and even harder to remember.

Researchers must embrace storytelling if they are to deliver real value to the decision makers who rely on their data.

So, how do you deliver insights with impact?

This is the question Nik Werk, Research Director in our New York office, has answered in a recent article for Quirk’s magazine. In fact, the topic is of such importance to the world of research that it was featured on the front cover.

In the article, Nik looks at how researchers can add more value to their data and how outputs can be transformed into memorable and engaging insights.

To learn everything you’ll ever need to know about storytelling in research, click the link below to read the article online or access the PDF here (page 26).

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