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Q&A With Southwest Airlines


“Research is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have” – Isaac Muñoz, Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low cost carrier and is known for its exemplary customer service. B2B International’s Julia Cupman recently interviewed Southwest’s Isaac Muñoz to discuss the story behind the

Brand New: A New Look For BLACK+DECKER

Case study: Branding research
Founded by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, BLACK+DECKER invented the first portable power tool in 1917. At the forefront of innovation, the BLACK+DECKER drill was used by NASA on its Apollo space mission, and the technology later led to the development of the cordless miniature vacuum cleaner known as

10 Top Tips for Improving Research Quality through Respondent Selection

The best research comes from asking the right questions to the right people. However, significantly more effort is placed on getting the questionnaire right as opposed to selecting the right respondents. While ensuring that the right questions are being asked is a critical component of research quality, respondent selection has a much greater impact on

5 Critical Factors You Need To Think About When Conducting International Market Research

International market research is now the norm. Large corporates are commissioning research projects that cover multiple countries at once, and in many different languages. Managing such large scale international market research projects bring with them several research implications to think about.
In a recent article published on our US site, Paul Hague introduces the 5

How Research Can Be Used To Increase the Chances of Success in China

Successfully breaking into the China market is difficult. Many brands have tried, but only a handful can confidently say they have cracked the Chinese market. However, chances of success can be significantly increased by conducting some thorough market research. Taking time to understand the culture, buying habits, and needs of the China

CEO Matthew Harrison talks about the role of research in shaping marketing strategy

B2B International CEO Matthew Harrison was guest speaker and facilitator at the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ market research round table in Manchester on Friday. The purpose of the event was to consider how market research can shape marketing strategy.
On the day, Matthew talked about the different types of

Online Research Continues To Rise

A recent report on the market research industry by Quirks, a market research media company, highlights some important trends. Not surprisingly, it confirmed that online market research continues to rise. Indeed, online interviews accounted for over 80% of those carried out by B2B International in 2013. Online research makes sense when respondents can be identified

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Market Research Interviewers?

Among the most crucial elements of any market research project is the interviewing stage. Getting the most out of your market research interviewers will set the tone for the rest of the project, and help to minimise any potential problems further down the line. Key to this is making sure the interviewers are fully briefed

The Future Looks Bright for the UK Game Market

A recent industry study by market research specialist B2B International reveals positive views on the future of the UK game market.
Research carried out in September and October of 2013[1] found that although the market had gone through tough times in 2012 with the poor weather and continuing economic downturn, 2013 has seen an increase

Our 5 Key Features of a Great Research Brief

In November, we wrote a blog post on ‘How to write a great research brief’, outlining the 5 key features every great research brief should contain. Subsequently, it has become one of our most popular blog posts since. So, to reflect this, we have turned the post into a short presentation which you can find

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