Differentiation – Are Product, Brand and Service Still Enough?

Marketers are constantly searching for differentiation. Unless a company has a genuine scientific or technological advantage, preferably one protected by a patent, competitors can often match any incremental change in an ever-shortening time-scale. ...

Written by Daniel Park

Measuring Brand Value – How Much Are Brands Worth?

It is assumed that there is a general understanding that a brand stands for something and what it stands for must have a value. These values can be critically important or small inconsequential things but above all they are the things which give the ...

Written by Paul Hague

Image Research In Industrial Marketing

Image is how others see us. It is the cornerstone of the success of any business. If a company's image is right everything else will follow easily. It is important that every company should ask themselves what image they wish to project and at whom. ...


How To Move A Brand Forward

The following article is designed to help create a framework and checklist of areas that every business should consider when developing its brand – it focuses a little more on service businesses than product businesses but the same principles still ...


Identifying The Driving Forces Of Your Business

Many companies find it hard to identify what makes them special to their customers and potential customers. Equally, many struggle to describe their unique selling points and their core competences - the central, driving forces of their business. So, ...

Written by Julia Cupman

Creating Desirable Brands

In a world where brands interact with consumers across a huge number of touchpoints (web, mobile as well as traditional), there is no longer any space for brands that follow. Here we have identified six guiding principles to help create a desirable b ...


Business Models and Strategies for Competitive Advantage

High growth depends on how you set yourself up to deliver value into the market. Colin Mason at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde and Ross Brown at Scottish Enterprise report on how fast-growth enterprises design their ...