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Differentiate Your Business

In an attempt to ‘follow the leader’ or ‘catch up,’ many companies are scared to do something radically different.

Standing out from the crowd

As technology spreads around the world, it is becoming easier to create lookalike products. And yet, standing out from the crowd is one of the most important requirements of any marketing orientated company. Being different gives customers a good reason to choose your company over one of the other boring lookalikes.

How we can help you

There are many ways to be different. Making a different and better product is a good starting point. However, adding layers of innovative services or developing a brand with special attributes can also make you look and feel different.

One of the most important roles that market research can play is to find out what your potential audience wants and needs, and use these findings to help differentiate your products and service.

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Qualitative research - especially focus groups - is one of the best ways of uncorking needs. However, quantitative research can also throw up specific customer requirements.

For example, a survey that we carried out amongst groundsmen looking after cricket and football pitches showed that they were unhappy about their grass cutting equipment being taken away for repairs and service. This led our client, a manufacturer of equipment, to launch mobile service vans, resulting in a company that both looks different and responds to customers’ needs.

Market Research for Differentiation

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