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Solutions For Your Business

Every business faces difficulties at one time or another. The challenge is recognising what these issues are and, more importantly, working out ways to overcome them. We offer solutions to help you successfully improve or expand your business.

How and why is market research commissioned?

Watch Paul Hague, founder and director at B2B International, explain why our clients come to us for market research and the types of research they are typically looking for.

Business expansion

B2B International has helped hundreds of companies expand their business. Our blend of rigorous market research and strategic consultancy allows us to provide you with clear, empirically proven recommendations for action, both strategic and tactical.

If you are looking to more clearly differentiate your offering; our brand strategy research, competitive intelligence research and business market segmentation studies will help you do so with confidence. If your priority is growing your business, our market expansion, pricing strategy research and value proposition research studies are for you. If increasing profitability is your key aim, speak to us about our segmentation, pricing and needs assessment work.

Grow with ground breaking intelligence. A growing business is a healthy business. It demonstrates your ability to satisfy market needs and encourage new customers.

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The word 'new' is one of the most powerful in the marketing vocabulary. We are attuned to progress and 'new' often means 'better' or 'faster and cheaper.'

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The decision to enter a new market is one of the most important - and therefore most difficult - decisions any company will face. Establishing a presence in new territories requires substantial investment, whilst the political, economic, cultural, legislative and technological barriers can also act as a major disincentive to enter new markets.

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Business improvement

B2B International will tailor a business improvement solution for you. Our innovation research specialists will guide you through the product development process and ensure that your final offering meets customer needs.

Our market entry specialists will ensure that your diversification or geographical expansion is supported by rigorous intelligence. If you feel that you need to update your understanding of customer and potential customer needs, our team can tailor a needs assessment project for you.

In an attempt to ‘follow the leader’ or ‘catch up,’ many companies are scared to do something radically different.

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There are only three ways to make more money: to sell more of your products or services, to reduce your costs, or to increase your prices. Of course, the price of your products and services also affects how much you sell, and this is determined by the ‘elasticity of demand’ for the product.

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To get ahead of the competition and start making waves in your industry, it is imperative that you fully understand your market. With our wide ranging expertise and knowledge, our business solutions can help you gain the advantage.

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