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Sampling And Statistics

Written by Paul Hague and Paul Harris

Almost all valuable market research is conducted using samples, which makes the areas of sampling and statistics key to the market research function.

Unlike the complex and highly specialist volumes available, Sampling and Statistics provides a basic, yet comprehensive and highly practical, guide to the important areas. Drawing on years of experience in the field, the authors show how, by properly selecting a sample and by choosing the right sampling method, the most representative and unbiased data about a population can be extracted.

For both the beginner as well as for the more established market researcher, the book provides accessible, hands-on information and guidance, which helps the reader to:

  • Understand the main principles of sampling
  • Become familiar with the sampling methods available
  • Review the sample designs used in practice
  • Select a sample properly for the most accurate results
  • Become familiar with basic statistical concepts
  • Produce accurate research results using analysis

By providing a basic introduction to what is essentially a highly complex topic, Sampling and Statistics forms a solid foundation on which researchers can build their knowledge and experience of this fundamental area of market research.

Published by Kogan Page

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The project team were efficient, responsive and very knowledgeable in the subject area. Analysis of the information was clearly thought through and provided some good insights and recommendations.


B2B had to be very flexible and adapt fast while working with us. The execution in different markets is not easy to do as well as gathering all the necessary information. With their report we went further than the normal/expected reporting of qualitative research. My internal customers are also very happy with the work carried out by B2B International.