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October 15, 2013

Inspiration & advice from successful entrepreneurs & fast growing UK companies.

Growing Business Handbook

Drawing on a wide range of professional expertise and commercial experience, this new 14th edition of The Growing Business Handbook is full of practical advice and concrete suggestions about how to maximise the upsides and control the downsides, even in the tough trading conditions that many organisations – large and small – are currently experiencing.

All told, there are over 40 experts who have written on the different challenges that entrepreneurs, innovators and directors and likely to face in growing and developing their business through 2012 and beyond.

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#Chapter NameeBook
1Planning for growthpdf
2Ideas and innovationpdf
3Build the brandpdf
4People and performancepdf
5Cash flow, working capital and cost controlpdf
6Platforms for growthpdf
7Leading growthpdf
8Structures for growthpdf
9International expansionpdf
10Growth capitalpdf