B2B International is a specialist market research company. We spend every day researching business markets around the world. This means that we know the challenges you face in achieving growth. Challenges are opportunities if you know how to deal with them. This has led us to pull together a series of “flashcards” each dealing with a challenge and a suggested course of action.

The flashcards do two jobs. Firstly, they remind us what we must focus on to achieve growth. Secondly, they summarise the challenges and show us how to deal with them. Admittedly, they won’t give you an MBA in a day, but they will be a useful addition to your marketing library.

The flashcards cover how to calculate market size, how to create a unique selling proposition, how to determine the right pricing strategy, how to measure brand health, how to achieve a leading NPS, and how to build superb customer experience.

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