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July 2016 / Written by

3 Peaks Challenge Conquered in 23 Hours and 7 Minutes

You’ll remember that back in April we announced that two members of ...

July 2016 / Written by

Putting a Price on Electric Cars

We like the concept of the value equivalence line. When somebody buys ...

July 2016 / Written by

Do We Choose the Best Brand or One That Is Simply OK?

As marketers our aim is to position our brand so that it ...

June 2016 / Written by

Download our Behavioural Economics Toolkit

Have you ever found yourself choosing one brand over another simply because ...

June 2016 / Written by

Wolseley and B2B International Honoured as a 2016 Confirmit Achievement in Customer Excellence Award Winner

11th Annual ACE Awards Shine Light on Outstanding Voice of Customer Activities ...

June 2016 / Written by

[Video] The Biggest Challenges of Multicultural B2B Research

Cultural bias affects all research carried out in B2B. The big challenge for researchers is ...

June 2016 / Written by

[Video] The Major Differences Between B2B and B2C Research

The differences between B2B and B2C research are well-known. B2B research is dealing with larger, ...

June 2016 / Written by

[Video] Our Approach to Multicultural B2B Research

Multicultural b2b research is important as businesses of different sizes, industry sectors and geographies act ...

June 2016 / Written by

Read Conor Wilcock’s Chapter in The Market Research and Insight Yearbook

The recently published Market Research and Insight Yearbook, put together by the ...

June 2016 / Written by

A B2b Marketer’s Guide to Cognitive Bias

A common assumption by marketers is that humans are rational. The study ...

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