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October 2011 / Written by

Growth in the face of adversity

With seemingly nothing but more doom and gloom on the economic horizon, it’s always ...

June 2010 / Written by

Marketers and the ROI Conundrum

Return on investment – or ROI – has taken on increasing importance over the ...

January 2010 / Written by

More Marketing in 2010

Everybody knows that 2009 was a tough year, with marketing budgets in particular ...

January 2010 / Written by

Impact of Recession Loosens its Grip on London Entrepreneurs

Following Monday’s blog entry we can report that recent market research by B2B International ...

December 2009 / Written by

Marketer of the Year

Who would be your vote for marketer of the year? Well, according ...

November 2009 / Written by

The Role of Marketers

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), at its recent annual conference, has urged ...

October 2009 / Written by

The Positive Side of Smaller Marketing Budgets

Many marketers have been feeling the strain this year as their budgets and ...

September 2009 / Written by

Small Is Beautiful – especially in today’s marketplace

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Nick Hague explains why, in his ...

August 2009 / Written by

How the economy will impact B2B markets and B2B research

They are the questions on the lips of many b-to-b marketers right now: How ...

August 2009 / Written by

Free eBook: Effective Marketing Strategies for a Recession

B2B International is delighted to present its latest free eBook – Effective Marketing ...

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