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September 2014 / Written by

What Is The Future For Market Research?

Is there a future for the market research industry? Will Google meet all our needs ...

May 2014 / Written by

Q&A With Southwest Airlines

 “Research is no longer a nice-to-have; ...

May 2014 / Written by

Brand New: A New Look For BLACK+DECKER

Case study: Branding research Founded by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, BLACK+DECKER invented ...

May 2014 / Written by

10 Top Tips for Improving Research Quality through Respondent Selection

The best research comes from asking the right questions to the right people. However, significantly ...

March 2014 / Written by

5 Critical Factors You Need To Think About When Conducting International Market Research

International market research is now the norm. Large corporates are commissioning research projects that cover ...

March 2014 / Written by

How Research Can Be Used To Increase the Chances of Success in China

Successfully breaking into the China market is difficult. Many brands have tried, ...

March 2014 / Written by

CEO Matthew Harrison talks about the role of research in shaping marketing strategy

B2B International CEO Matthew Harrison was guest speaker and facilitator at the Chartered Institute of ...

February 2014 / Written by

Online Research Continues To Rise

A recent report on the market research industry by Quirks, a market research media company, ...

February 2014 / Written by

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Market Research Interviewers?

Among the most crucial elements of any market research project is the interviewing stage. Getting ...

January 2014 / Written by

The Future Looks Bright for the UK Game Market

A recent industry study by market research specialist B2B International reveals positive views on the ...

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