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July 2014 / Written by

Is Employee Engagement The Key To Higher Customer Satisfaction?

It has fast become a business norm to make customer satisfaction an important focus, where ...

May 2014 / Written by

Building Loyalty for B2B Brands

  A recent article posted on the Forbes website caught our eye this week. ...

November 2013 / Written by

Improving Your Customer Experience

  Where does your brand rank for customer experience? The latest customer experience rankings, published ...

February 2013 / Written by

Underestimating The Power Of A Disgruntled Customer

In this week’s Business Surgery, Julia Cupman highlights that customers in loyalty programs ...

July 2012 / Written by

Getting Buy-In To Your Research Project

More and more clients are coming to us at an early stage in ...

March 2012 / Written by

You Have Got To Listen

This week Peter Mullarkey discusses the simple benefit in listening to improve customer ...

December 2011 / Written by

The 5 Pillars Of Good Strategy

First, you must choose a distinctive value proposition. Which needs will you serve, which ...

August 2011 / Written by

The New Metric For Judging A Company’s Success

During a recent global branding study for PPG Industries Inc., B2B International developed a ...

June 2011 / Written by

Saturday Night Believer

5 days on and Peter Mullarkey is still trying to get over the disappointment ...

September 2010 / Written by

The Office In My Pocket

In his first Thursday Night Insight, Peter Mullarkey looks at how the Smartphone has ...

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