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September 2016 / Written by

Consumer research can ruin your business health

The several thousand market research agencies in the Western world focus ...

April 2013 / Written by

B2B International Newsletter

Better late than never! It’s come to our attention that we never shared our ...

July 2012 / Written by

Getting Buy-In To Your Research Project

More and more clients are coming to us at an early stage in ...

May 2012 / Written by

Surveying the Consumer Survey Landscape

Following the launch of Google Consumer Surveys, Simi Dhawan offers her thoughts on ...

April 2012 / Written by

Deep See – New Global Consumer Research Company Launches

Deep See is the new global consumer market research and intelligence company from ...

February 2012 / Written by

Impressive growth continues for B2B International

Another strong year of growth for international business-to-business market research and market intelligence ...

February 2012 / Written by

B2B International Set To Launch Consumer Market Research Agency

Deep See is a new consumer market research and intelligence company – from ...

February 2010 / Written by

Brand Name Blues

 Much has been written on the subject of brands – not least by ...

October 2009 / Written by

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

On the customer satisfaction page of our website, we state the following: “Most ...

October 2009 / Written by

Should B2B Marketers Ignore Consumers?

Most of you reading B2B International’s blog will be marketers of b2b ...

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