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May 2017 / Written by

The 2017 Insight Economy Report Is Out

The Insight Economy report, featured in both The Times and Sunday Times, ...

May 2017 / Written by

How to Get Information for Next to Nothing

Market intelligence doesn’t always need a survey. If you are looking for a ...

May 2017 / Written by

What Makes a Good Interviewer?

Chat shows are immensely popular. People in the US have got used ...

May 2017 / Written by

Masterclass in Specialist Market Research Skills

We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of market research. ...

May 2017 / Written by

Maths and Dumbarses

Diane Abbott suffered humiliation last week. The UK Labour Party’s Shadow Home ...

May 2017 / Written by

The Fastest Horses in the Race

Two weeks ago the Financial Times ran an analysis of 1000 companies ...

May 2017 / Written by

Caution: Beware Joining the Dots

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to predict things? For ...

April 2017 / Written by

Are We Really Innovative?

Clay Christensen, in his book The Innovator’s Dilemma, describes two types of ...

April 2017 / Written by

An Industry in the Making

With our headquarters in the UK, we naturally have an interest in ...

April 2017 / Written by

You Look Angry. Are You?

In most of the surveys we carry out we include questions that ...

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