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March 2006 / Written by

Hosted online focus groups

Online focus groups are discussions conducted over the Internet between a researcher (the ‘moderator’) and ...

March 2006 / Written by

What goes on in the day of a researcher?

There is an excellent blog that will be running for the next 40 days, that ...

February 2006 / Written by

White Paper on Forecasting and Scenario Planning – Podcast Audio Version

Press the Green Play Button to hear the audio version of this White Paper. [″>b2b_podcast_01.mp3] ...

January 2006 / Written by

‘Questionnaire Design’ Given 5 Stars on Amazon

Questionnaire design is a subject fundamental to the market research function. Yet, until now, ...

January 2006 / Written by

Innovation in Construction – Part 3 of 3

10 Guidelines For Making A Company Innovative ...

January 2006 / Written by

Innovation in Construction – Part 2 of 3

The second reason for the lack of innovation is that we, the general public are ...

January 2006 / Written by

Innovation in Construction – Part 1 of 3

Paul Hague shares some of his thoughts on the lack of real innovation in ...

January 2006 / Written by

Our Latest Book Doing Well on Amazon

This practical guide to the basics of market research takes a clear, concise step-by-step ...

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