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Segmentation is key to deciding which groups of apparently like-minded individuals to target with your product or service.  From more basic demographic or ‘firmographic’ groupings according to sex, age, location, etc, through to more useful but undoubtedly harder-to-categorise behavioural or needs-based segmentations, most companies realise that they can’t be all things to all men.

Or, for that matter, all things to all women.  One of the biggest segments some companies make a play for is women.  Obviously it’s a large group that makes up 50% of the world’s population, but can you really group all women together?  Hardly – but some products do target women specifically, among them:

  • Telecommunications sector: Motorola is launching a jewel-shaped mobile handset aimed at women (the Moto Jewel).
  • Automotive sector: In response to concerns that it is losing its appeal among women and young drivers, Ford has introduced an ad aimed solely at women, which features a pink Fiesta.
  • Food & Drink industry: Coors UK has set up a working group to investigate beer formulation, packaging and marketing options in an effort to target women.

A recent Marketing Week article discusses the issue of targeting women in depth.  To read it click here.

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