Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2014

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2015 is here, and our market research blog is already gearing up for another year of delivering the very best weekly content on all things b2b marketing and market research.

A large percentage of the content we produce for the blog will remain relevant for many years after first being published, and so we feel it is important to remind our readers of some of our older posts which still hold true today.

Here, we have listed some of our most popular posts from 2014, and we hope you find them as useful and relevant as ever.


  1. Extreme Users May Be The Key To Product Development

    The best product ideas are coming from extreme users, not regular users.


  2. The Relationship Between Market Share and Customer Satisfaction

    Contrary to popular thought, market share may have no impact on future customer satisfaction.


  3. Using Social Media For Competitive Advantage

    Social listening is becoming a vital tool for marketers looking to gain competitive advantage.


  4. B2B Marketing Has Changed: It’s All About Digital

    B2B marketing has gone digital. Find out how you can take advantage and improve your marketing in the digital age.


  5. The 4 Most Common Needs-based Segments B2B Marketers Need To Be Aware Of

    Segmentation is at the heart of marketing. Here we look at the 4 most common needs-based segments in b2b markets.


  6. Seize The Moment: Optimising The Path To Purchase

    How can you optimise the path to purchase in the digital marketplace? Concentrate on online visibility.


  7. Business-to-Business Markets and the Parable of the Bath Tub

    Find out why building the loyalty of existing customers and winning a larger share of their wallet is the most efficient way of growing sales.


  8. Any ‘Boring’ B2B Product Can Find Its USP

    Many b2b businesses operate on the assumption that a USP doesn’t exist for their product. Here we look at how a b2b business can differentiate.


  9. Understanding the Purchasing Decision

    What are the drivers that lead to the choice of one supplier over another? Understanding this is one of the most critical requirements of b2b marketers.


  10. B2B Social Media Marketing: Use it or Lose Out

    Here we take a look at three of the biggest reasons why your b2b business needs to embrace social media marketing.


  11. What Is The Future For Market Research?

    What does the future hold for the market research industry? Here we predict what the industry will look like in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time.


  12. B2B Video Marketing: Why Your Company Should Embrace It

    Similar to social media marketing, video marketing is a hugely powerful tool for b2b businesses. Here’s why you should embrace it.


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