London Calling

B2B International in London

It is well-known that London is one of the top global cities, boosted by great career opportunities, world-renowned cultural attractions and a cosmopolitan mix any city would be proud of. In fact, a recent study by The Boston Consulting Group and found that London is the most desired place in the world to work. Having asked 200,000 people from 188 countries, 16% said they want to work in London, beating the likes of New York, Paris, Sydney, Madrid and Berlin.

The attractiveness of London as an international centre of business is clear and many of the world’s largest companies have offices there. Over 50% of FTSE 100 companies and 20% of Europe’s 500 largest companies have headquarters in London. US companies are no different, with 75% of Fortune 500 companies having offices in the city. At B2B International, we count many of the world’s largest companies among our client base, and having an office in London becomes invaluable when liaising on projects and winning new work.

Indeed, having a presence in London has become crucial to us for doing business on both a national and international scale. Since establishing our London office – a second UK office in addition to our global headquarters in Manchester – back in 2011, we have found that not only are we able to better serve our clients in London and the South-East of England, but it has also raised our profile amongst our overseas clients.

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