Small Is Beautiful

All companies need to respond to the changing environments in which they operate. Recognising these changes and establishing a clear direction is one of the most important contributions market research can make to enterprises.

By far the majority of B2B International‘s customers are global enterprises. These behemoths have become successful by having products and services that meet their customers’ needs better than the competition. However, “the curse of size” hangs over them. Their huge geographical spread and customer base makes it hard to stay in touch with customers. Changing direction and responding to customers’ needs is not an easy manoeuvre for these supertankers.

Market research provides impartial eyes and ears for the managers of these large companies. If the market research is to be effective, the managers of the enterprises have to be open-minded and brave enough to respond to sometimes quite challenging scenarios. In turn, the market researchers have to be insightful and scrupulously honest with their findings and recommendations.

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