Building Loyalty for B2B Brands



A recent article posted on the Forbes website caught our eye this week. In it, they talked about the challenge of building loyalty in b2b markets, and how important a satisfied and loyal customer base can be. Indeed, “promoters” of a brand (those who give a high likelihood to recommend score) tend to stay loyal to a company much longer than “detractors” would, and generate much higher sales in the process.

The key to improving customer satisfaction is simple; understand your customers. Voice of the customer (VOC) research and customer loyalty surveys help you to identify the current customer satisfaction levels for your brand, and also to understand what is driving them. Only when you can identify what delights your customers, and what doesn’t, can you take action to improve things.

Further to this, an in-depth knowledge of your customer’s needs and unmet needs allow to you segment your market and begin to target specific groups of customers with the right products and services. Successfully meet the needs of your customers and you’re well on the way to building high levels of satisfaction and loyalty among your customers.

To learn more about measuring and improving your customer satisfaction levels, read our practical guide to improving customer satisfaction by clicking the link below.

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