Why consistency can significantly boost your customer satisfaction scores

Customer satisfaction can be hard to get right. Recent research from McKinsey, however, has revealed that one factor in particular may be the key to higher customer satisfaction. That factor is consistency.

It is widely known that a customer’s journey involves many different touchpoints, and creating a consistent experience throughout this journey has a larger impact on customer satisfaction than concentrating on single touchpoints. In fact, the research found that performance on customer journeys is 35% more predictive of customer satisfaction than performance on individual touchpoints.

It is important to set clear rules and policies for each touchpoint to ensure consistent delivery of the customer experience across the entire journey. ‘Joining up’ each touchpoint into one consistent journey will make it far easier to monitor overall effectiveness, rather than concentrating on the effectiveness of each touchpoint. Any problems and potential opportunities to improve the customer experience can then be identified more easily.

The importance of consistency in the delivery of customer experience is clear. Taking steps to improve not only performance at individual touchpoints, but also across the entire customer journey, may lead to significant increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To learn more about managing and optimizing the experience of customers, why not take a look at our white paper on the subject.

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