Online Research Continues To Rise

A recent report on the market research industry by Quirks, a market research media company, highlights some important trends. Not surprisingly, it confirmed that online market research continues to rise. Indeed, online interviews accounted for over 80% of those carried out by B2B International in 2013. Online research makes sense when respondents can be identified on a panel or a customer database and have bought into the subject of study. On these occasions it is simple and quick to complete. And, online research has even further to go in the future.

What particularly interested us about the Quirks report were the insights into the worklife of researchers within corporate companies. They complain about the difficulty of finding quality research venders. They grumble about research partners delivering 100 slide PowerPoint decks but without any insights and meaning. They bemoan the fact it is becoming more difficult to find research suppliers that can live up to their claimed capabilities.

It is clear that the life of someone commissioning research within a corporate organisation is not easy. On the one hand, senior management complain that there is too much research being carried out, and on the other hand they say how important it is to get deeper insights into what their customers are really thinking. Many corporates are sat on piles of cash and yet they say that they have no money for finding out more about their markets. This research report identified yet again the need for market researchers to become more convincing when speaking to the higher echelons of management so they can persuade them of the value in what they offer.

To read the full report, click here: Corporate Research Report.

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